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Requesting a new cloud spreadsheet

This service is only available to Malgra Plus members

The Malgra Cloud uses the power of Microsoft Azure servers, to provide access to your own personal business spreadsheet 24/7 – anywhere in the world

You can request a new spreadsheet for the appropriate financial year through your Malgra Network Account.

From the top menu, choose ‘Your Spreadsheets’ and select ‘Your Cloud Spreadsheets’

You’ll then be provided with the Cloud Spreadsheets dashboard as below

If you have any spreadsheets already available, you’ll find links to these on the left hand side. If no links are shown, use the links on the right to access the relevant form to request a new spreadsheet

Once requested, you’ll receive an email when the spreadsheet is generated and ready for use. Simply return to your Cloud Spreadsheet dashboard to access the system.

Updated on 10th May 2020

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